Software is still eating the world!

- Aman Bansal

Do You Love Tech?

I do! That's why I spend my time building cool tech products!

Hi, I'm Aman. I'm a second year MS in CS student at Stanford University, the best location to be for tech enthusiasts like me. I've done projects across a wide range of CS areas such as AI, Cryptography, Security, Distributed Systems, Programming Languages, and more.

Nerd Me

Work Experience

  • Glean

    What it does? Common search interface across all enterprise apps.

    What I did? Improved search results on 20% long-term repetitive queries.

  • Rubrik

    What it does? Data security via secure backups and fast recovery.

    What I did? Merged tech stacks of on-prem and cloud offerings.

  • Haptik

    What it does? Conversational AI for customer support.

    What I did? Built ML models to cut down bot response delay.